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    I have worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. My love for fashion & business has grown tremendously through out my years and my many experiences include fashion management, marketing, sales, and training businesses all over the world. As a Boutique owner I have owned clothing and shoe boutiques.
    Maiya Boutique was our latest creation! 
    The name Maiya has 2 meanings and the very special meaning comes from my business partner, best friend and partner in life, William Schick.
    His mother...Thais Schick aka Maiya!! Maiya was known as a sassy, strong, beautiful blue eyed woman!!
    She was called Ma Mere which is French for Grandmother and over the years the pronunciation was slightly changed to Ma Maiya (pronounced Ma May-a) then shortened to just Maiya and that stuck as her name for the rest of her years!  
    The 2nd meaning coming from the Urban Dictionary meaning.....Maiya (pronounced May-a)- A beautiful and attractive girl who’s talented and smart. Has captivating eyes and a voice as sweet as a melody.
    On October 5th, 2013 Maiya Boutique was born and a huge thanks to my incredibly intelligent business partner William Schick. 
    Maiya was voted top 3 best Boutique’s to shop in New Orleans and we intend to continue growing Maiya now introducing Shopmaiya.com!!